05 April 2010

Dina - Dina [2003]

Try it
Try it

CBR 320 + 600dpi covers

01. Fortapte drømmer
02. Bli hos meg
03. For evig min
04. Fri meg nå
05. Hater å elske deg
06. Aldri igjen
07. Savner deg
08. Nattens skapelser
09. Løgner
10. Ingen grenser
11. For evig min (Sevendays remix)
12. Bli hos meg (chill mix)


Cancer said...

Can you please reupload chameleon by margaret berger? Links are dead and I can't find it anywhere else:(

Marco said...

Hi, compliments for great stuffs...have you got an email to keep in touch?
If yes I'd be grateful to write you...
Looking forward your next posts I send you my best greetings!

John said...


Can you re-upload Christine Guldbrandsen's 'Christine' album please?

Tusen Takk

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thank you very much for posting this CD by Dina! I love it! Do you have her CD-Maxi Single for "Fri Meg Nå"? Because I have been looking for it for very long!

Lavinia said...

@Cancer & John: I will re-upload all dead links soon.

I don't have it, sorry.

Julio said...

Excellent blog! I'm from Argentina and love Espen, A-ha, Alejandro Fuentes, Kurt Nilssen, Sissel, Maria Arredondo! Can't wait till you reupload Espen's Prepared to be swayed and others! Hope you can do it very soon! Greetings from the south of the world!